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Christina Petrowska Quilico performs Heather Schmidt’s 3rd piano concerto

PIANIST CHRISTINA PETROWSKA QUILICO PERFORMS WITH JACQUES ISRAELIEVITCH & THE KOFFLER CHAMBER Christina Petrowska Quilico joined the Orchestra and Maestro Israelievitch for piano concerti by two Canadian women composers: Piano Concerto No. 3 for piano and strings by Heather Schmidt; and Divertimento for Piano and Strings by Violet Archer (1913-2000)

Transcendent Sounds of Nature in the Music of Ann Southam

The love for nature and the environment shared by pianist Christina Petrowska Quilico and composer Ann Southam resulted in multiple CDs reflecting nature, notably the cycles Rivers, Pond Life and Glass Houses, and  Soundspinning. The proceeds from the Pond Life CD launch went to the David Suzuki Foundation, whose namesake wrote, “I have always found it remarkable that some of the first people to lend their support to causes like social justice, peace and the environment have been musicians.... music has a way of cutting through words and barriers to penetrate straight to our hearts. Thank you, Ann and Christina, for using your talents to lift our spirits and touch our souls.” David Suzuki

Alexina Louie wrote "Star-filled Night" for Christina Petrowska Quilico. This video was recorded live from a concert. Night sky images made into the video by Alison J. Gray. Evocative and mesmerizing music and performance.

Christina Petrowska Quilico performs Andre Mathieu’s 4th piano concerto at the Glenn Gould Studio with the Kindred Spirits Orchestra, Jiri Pedrilik, conductor

Concerti Compilation of concerto performances by Christina Petrowska Quilico

This video presents Christina Petrowska Quilico as soloist in performance with several orchestras.

The Toronto Symphony, Christina Petrowska Quilico, piano, Victor Feldbrill, conductor in Claude Champagne’s Piano concerto

Recorded live at Roy Thomson Hall on Oct. 21. TSO Canada Mosaic: A Canada 150 Signature Project  

YouTube Channel: PetrowskaQuilico